The Plethora Garment Project is a extension of the studio’s careful research into the world of natural pigments and a conceptual case study expanding into collaborations with skillful makers of the highest quality natural garment and artisans of natural dye techniques spanning from Japan to Denmark.

The result is a unique and timeless capsule collection of unisex styles and unique pieces based on premium high-density Kurashiki canvas (the world’s finest canvas quality) woven on traditional vintage shuttle loom machines in Okayama, Japan and hereafter dyed by the ancient dorozome mud-dye techniques of master craftsman Kanai Kougei on Amami Island, Japan and by the unique natural plant dye techniques of Cæcilie Parfelt Vengberg using botanic dyes from plants exclusively grown in the local Danish soil.

All styles are unisex and designed for a clean yet comfortable oversized fit with every possible attention to detail and in collaboration with Japanese brand Arthur by Rihei Arthur Sato.

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  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 8 ¥154,900
    JP 2
  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 7 ¥154,900
    JP 2
  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 6 ¥154,900
    JP 2
  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 5 ¥154,900
    JP 2
  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 4 ¥154,900
    JP 3
  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 3 ¥154,900
    JP 3
  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 2 ¥154,900
    JP 1
  • Atelier Work Coat, Dye 1 ¥154,900
    JP 2
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